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Deadline modified! Thesis submission 2021 fall semester

Szolnoki Beáta képe

Dear Students!

The deadline for the thesis submission is 15th December, instead of the formerly announced 5th December. The theses and a strictly one-page -long summary about your work (including at least your name and the title of the thesis) should be submitted via this link (accessible after logging in with your account):

You have to register for the final exam also in the Neptun system between 2 - 30 November. Besides, please register also by an email sent for me. If you have any proplems, or you whish not to come to the final exam, please inform me via email. If a thesis work is confidental, please inform me.

The final exams for the BSc students will be organized between 4 - 7 January. The exact timing will be available after the end of the registration period.

Thank you very much in advance,
Dr. Szolnoki Beáta
secretary of the final exams